President Trump Weighs In On Opportunity Youth

Today the Trump Administration released its proposed fiscal-year 2018 budget. A table with key opportunity youth-related line items is below. Each year the president’s budget serves as a starting point for conversations with Congress about government funding; few of its specifics make it into law. But for a new administration that has so far been…

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New National Fund Report Highlights Successful Young Adult Sectoral Strategies

A new report by the National Fund for Workforce Solutions documents effective strategies identified over the past three years to engage and retain unemployed and unenrolled 18-25-year-olds in sector-based preparation and placement programs. The report, Connecting Young Adults to Skills and Jobs, summarizes lessons learned through the Young Adult Sectoral Initiative (YA Initiative), which included…

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Helping Young People Find Their DNA

According to Jack Carey, president of Carey Manufacturing outside Hartford, the biggest loss for manufacturing in Connecticut was Pratt & Whitney ending their apprenticeship program, which had brought a steady supply of new talent to their sector. Now his small firm struggles to find young people with the “DNA” to succeed in manufacturing: an interest…

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The State of the (Federal) Budget

An Ominous White House Announcement On Monday the White House announced that the president would propose a 10 percent spike in defense spending, offset by cuts across other agencies’ budgets. It’s unclear at the moment what those cuts will look like. Offsetting the proposed increase would require $54 billion in cuts across non-defense discretionary (NDD)…

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