NYEC 2023 Annual Forum:

Transforming Vision Into Action

Indianapolis • April 4-7


NYEC 2023 Annual Forum:

Transforming Vision Into Action

Indianapolis • April 4-7


NYEC 2023 Annual Forum:

Transforming Vision Into Action

Indianapolis • April 4-7


NYEC 2023 Annual Forum:

Transforming Vision Into Action

Indianapolis • April 4-7


NYEC 2023 Annual Forum:

Transforming Vision Into Action

Indianapolis • April 4-7


About the Forum

The 2023 NYEC Annual Forum is a national conference that brings together youth leaders, practitioners, policymakers, and stakeholders interested in advancing the lives of opportunity youth and young adults.

Participants will co-create a space for sharing best practices, innovative ideas, advocacy strategies, and practical solutions to common challenges. We will work together, across geographies and sectors, to  empower each other to transform ideas into action to serve disconnected youth and young adults.

The Forum will bring together 300+ attendees from more than 60 cities throughout the country. NYEC Members will receive an automatic discount using their Member Portal Code or by emailing nyec@nyec.org. Not a member? Become one today and get your instant discount!

Registration Ticket Prices

NYEC members will receive a $100 discount on their registration ticket (regular price: $650). Please enter your member code to receive your discount. Don't have a code? Contact nyec@nyec.org.

This ticket grants access to ONE individual to attend the conference.


This ticket is for non-NYEC members. Not a member? Sign-up today and get an automatic $100 off registration purchases.

This ticket grants access to ONE individual to attend the conference.


Current or former Opportunity youth who are currently under the age of 26 can attend the conference for a discounted rate. A special thanks to our sponsors for enabling this opportunity. Please contact nyec@nyec.org to verify your status and receive your unique code to access this ticket.


This ticket is for speakers at the 2023 Annual Forum. Please contact nyec@nyec.org for your unique speaker code to unlock this ticket.


Session Proposals

We welcome proposals broadly related to improving the lives of marginalized young adults across the nation. We especially welcome current or former opportunity youth to propose sessions and attend the conference.

2022 Youth Action Hour Finalists

2022 Extra Grant Winner

Donovan is the social media and outreach manager of The Youth Food Security Network. His team runs a Youth Food Pantry, providing underserved youth with the food they need to lead a more productive, healthy, and risk-free life. 

Realest Exposure Photography

Realest Exposure is a photography service based in San Francisco, California. It operates as a photojournalism social enterprise on social media, covering social topics. Its mission is to grow a connected community through the lens of photography. 

Effective Policies

Julia created a Youtube channel in which she posts concise and unbiased videos explaining a policy: what problem it aims to address, the structure of its implementation, and how it will affect the country. She hopes to make information about policies affecting youth and our country more accessible to younger generations. She says youth civic engagement is the key to creating a world that prioritizes sustainability, the planet, and affordable housing.  

Helping Communities on a Global Scale

Bags of Hope is a student-led giving project dedicated to helping different communities in Austin. In December 2021, they distributed over 100 care packages filled with hygiene necessities at a local food bank for the homeless population. They have received 2500+ donations for this project and were able to impact the lives of over 100 people. They continue to expand their reach, and the next project is to help underprivileged schools. 


Isaiah Jiron developed a podcast that aims to educate and inform audiences on equity and equality with the help of guests and funders.

2023 NYEC Youth Action Hour

Are you a young, motivated activist or aspiring entrepreneur? Do you want to reach your community with a passion project or new business? If that sounds like you, we invite you to apply for the Youth Action Hour!

We will select a handful of applicants to receive a $500 grant for their project and to present their work to an audience of leaders and professionals within the youth advocacy field.

In addition to receiving constructive feedback, you will have the chance to win an additional $500!

Our application process is now closed and grantees will be announced soon. 

This session track focuses on best practices for engaging young adults, youth-serving professionals, employers, and other stakeholders to create and sustain equitable work environments for youth. Attendees will be able to gain tangible tactics they can use in their local areas to engage their elected officials, employers, and advocates to improve local youth employment issues.  

With shifts toward remote learning and work-from-home, this session track will focus on the future of work as it pertains to the virtual environment. Attendees will gain knowledge about closing the digital skills gap, creating effective virtual work environments, and forming new virtual employer partnerships.   

This session track will focus on best practices to address the pervasive youth mental health crisis. The mental health crisis has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and requires bold innovative solutions to adequately address it. Attendees will be able to implement a wealth of mental health tools, activities, and metrics in their communities from the sessions in this track.  

This session track will highlight topics on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility within the employment space. Attendees will take away best practices to adequately integrate DEIA practices into their organizations, ensure equitable opportunities for youth, address hidden biases, and implement effective evaluation methods for their DEIA goals.  


This session track will showcase innovative practices in data collection, use, and analysis. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about new ways to assess youth, utilize virtual options to reach youth, and capture new data that can enable personalized offerings for youth. Communities are also using data to prioritize populations, understand if they are making a difference, and track their progress in serving disconnected young people. Attendees will be able to problem-solve ways in which we can use data to improve and modify service delivery systems.  

The session track will channel creative means to change the narrative around young adults who are disconnected from school and work. Too frequently, young adults are framed as offenders of violence, deserving of low-wage work, and/or lacking work ethic as compared to previous generations. Young people seeking attachment to work are seeking to use their assets to better their lives and the community around them. Attendees will leave equipped with updated data, stories, and narrative angles to combat the disparaging misconceptions surrounding Opportunity Youth.   

Community-based organizations, local workforce development boards, intermediary organizations, and local elected officials are working to create cohesive ecosystems that provide high-quality services and are easy for young people to navigate. Sessions in this track will address initiatives led by local elected officials, collective-impact or functional-zero approaches, youth-led leadership and advisory bodies, and data-sharing efforts.  

This session track will tackle the intersection of a quickly-changing job market, burgeoning new career paths such as green jobs, cybersecurity, and infrastructure, and how we can create effective employer partnerships to boost career prospects of Opportunity youth in these new fields.  

Sessions and Conference Tracks

Our in-person convening will feature dynamic topics from experts and youth leaders across the country. Sessions will be 60-minutes long and are designed to foster dialogue and peer-to-peer learning. Our conference session tracks are listed below. We invite applicants from all geographic areas, issue areas, and age groups who are geared toward expanding and improving opportunities for young people.