A Big Goal

In addition to celebrating our past, our goal for this event is to raise $40,000 to support our current and future work to improve the lives of young people, including the three new initiatives described below. We hope that you’ll consider making a statement in support of NYEC with your attendance and contribution to our event.

Support New NYEC Projects

Please consider making an additional donation to support emerging areas of work that build on NYEC’s legacy. Your generous gift will allow us to support these new initiatives.

Supporting Youth Leadership

NYEC is creating new opportunities for young adults to engage with and inform our policy work through convenings, committee work and joining our board of directors. In May NYEC conducted a focus group of young people, assessing their interest in different ways of supporting the work of NYEC and other national organizations; a second focus group is scheduled for November, alongside the Annual Forum.

Creating Opportunities for Undocumented Young People

Undocumented young people face unusual barriers to education, employment, and stability. To uncover emerging practices for serving undocumented young adults, NYEC has organized two convenings of young people, service providers and policymakers to focus on identifying what is working and what more can be done. We have recently released a report of our initial recommendations in partnership with  the Center on Poverty & Inequality at Georgetown Law - Improving Education & Income Generation Outcomes for Undocumented Youth: State & Local Solutions.  NYEC seeks to continue supporting this community of practitioners, in California and around the country.

Ensuring Youth are Included in the Green Economy

NYEC has been convening a working group to develop principles for provisions related to youth employment in any Green New Deal or other legislative vehicle with a job-guarantee component. These principles will serve as the lens through which a range of youth advocates evaluate proposals that affect the youth labor market.

Join the Builder’s Club

A monthly donation will provide a source of stable revenue for NYEC’s core work, supporting member organizations and the field. Join the Builder’s Club for a donation of $40 per month or more. Use our secure PayPal button to make your monthly donation. Contact Thomas Showalter at thomas.showalter@nyec.org for more information.

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