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NYEC maintains a network of more than 80 organizations committed to being at the forefront of youth employment and re-connection. Join NYEC and get instantly connected!

Member-Only Access

Members get access to the Member Portal which includes a rich amount of resources, videos and best practices related to the field. Members can also view the members-only calendar view to see all upcoming NYEC workshops, external grants, federal deadlines, etc.

Information Sharing

NYEC sends out a members-only newsletter with the latest resource and intelligence from across the fields of youth development, workforce development, and education. Newsletters will also contain the latest funding opportunities for your work.

Advocacy and Influence

NYEC provides numerous opportunities to influence policymakers and shape policy at the federal and state levels through non-partisan briefings, meetings, and drafting of legislation. Get your voice heard today on the national stage!

Capacity Building

NYEC is here to support your organization's goals including implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), federal, state and local policies, and engaging funders. Maximize your success by joining NYEC!

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What are the different ways to submit payment for annual membership?

Members can submit payment for membership or a membership renewal via Stripe, check, PayPal or ACH.

Credit Card: If you want to use a credit card please use the membership form and click pay via credit card and your payment will be processed by Stripe. 

Check: For those wanting to pay by check and require an invoice please register using the membership form and then contact to request an invoice and corresponding membership level amount. Checks can be sent to:

National Youth Employment Coalition

1861 International Drive, Ste 200

McLean, VA 22102

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic checks are requested to be sent to our accounting office located above rather than the NYEC Washington DC office. For further questions or concerns about this contact 

PayPal: If you want to pay via PayPal submit your membership via the membership form and choose the "Pay by Check" option. You can then send payment to Following receiving payment via PayPal you will gain access to the Member Portal. 

ACHFor those wanting to submit payment via ACH or Automated Clearing House submit your membership via the membership form and choose the "Pay by Check" option. Email to receive NYEC's ACH information in order to process payment. 

Is my information and payment information secure?

NYEC.ORG is hosted using a secure 256-bit encryption SSL platform. All credit card information is saved via Stripe's secure servers and no credit card information is saved by NYEC. All payment is brokered through Stripe, PayPal or external checks via our accountant. 

How does signing up for Membership work?

Once your organization decides to become a member, the main person-of-contact or person who is authorized to make payment on behalf of the organization (the "parent" account) will create an account via the membership form above. During the registration process the person-of-contact will have the ability to add additional contacts ("child" accounts) from the organization that will allow them to create their own accounts and access the membership portal.

Please note that if the person-of-contact or "parent" account does not renew membership, everyone under that person's account will lose access to the Member Portal and NYEC membership. 






How do I create my account after I've been added as an additional contact?

After your organization's person-of-contact/admin signs-up for membership and adds you as an additional contact, the additional contact can go to "Sign-In" under the "Member Portal" part of menu and click "Request Password." Create a new password after signing-in and you will be able to create your account and access the Member Portal. 

How do I renew if my membership expired?

If your membership has expired and you would like to renew, simply have your admin log-in, hover over "Member Portal" in the main menu and click on "Manage Account." You will see options to renew your membership. After renewing membership every additional contact attached to your account will regain their membership access. 

How do I change my password?

Admin/Point-of Contact:

  1. Hover over "Member Portal" in the main menu header and click "Sign-in" in the drop-down menu
  2. After the page loads click request password and the retrieve the system generated password from your email
  3. Enter the system generated password 
  4. Go to "Manage Account" in the Member Portal dropdown menu
  5. Go the "Profile" Tab and scroll down to password 
  6. Enter your new password

Additional Contact: 

  1. Log-in to your account or request a password by hovering over Member Portal" in the main menu header and click "Sign-in" in the drop-down menu
  2. Go to "Manage Account" in the Member Portal dropdown menu
  3. Go to the "About" Tab and scroll down to password 
  4. Enter your new password

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About Us

NYEC improves the lives of the more than 4 million young people who are out of school and out of work. We strive to achieve equity and transformation by improving the effectiveness of the organizations, and the systems, that serve opportunity youth.