NYEC Federal Policy Roundup (2/25/22)

This Week’s Update

  • Supreme Court Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson: If confirmed, she would be the first Supreme Court Justice to have worked as a public defender – and the first Justice since Thurgood Marshall with significant experience defending (rather than prosecuting) criminal defendants. She also served on the U.S. Sentencing Commission during a time of bipartisan reform of federal sentencing guidelines.
  • FY22 appropriations: The crisis in Ukraine may compel appropriators to reach an agreement on an omnibus funding bill – or the additional Ukraine funding may pass on its own.
  • BBB: On pause until at least March.
  • What we’re watching: FY23 appropriations, America COMPETES Act, WIOA

Resources to use and share: 


How to weigh in this week: 

Members of Congress need to continue hearing about the importance of the BBB bill…

  • Please sign our BBB action alert here. Members of Congress across the country need to continue hearing from us about the importance of BBB provisions.
  • Please use our social media toolkit here. Use your personal and organizational social media channels to bring attention to the shareables.
  • Help us out in West Virginia! If you’re interested in drafting a blog or an op-ed in support of young people and would like some help or partnership, email thomas.showalter@nyec.org or melissayoung9791@gmail.com.
  • Tweet at key Members of Congress (handles here), and all members of the Progressive Caucus.
  • Continue to reach out to your Congressional delegation (look them up on www.House.gov by entering in your zip code and www.Senate.gov to look up by state if you are not sure) and tell them you support the BBB agenda including robust investments in subsidized employment. Information on how to talk about workforce development investments, subsidized jobs, and jobs for young people are here. Information on how to talk about the Civilian Climate Corps is here