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NYEC Community Response Feedback to COVID-19

NYEC has been working to gather grassroots comments and experiences on how they are best adapting and responding to the outbreak of COVID-19. Through a series of community check-ins, our Community Response Form and conversations with national coalitions NYEC has gathered common themes below that have come to the forefront. This page will be updated…

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Untangling the Threads on Trauma: New NYEC and National Initiatives

A major federal appropriations bill in December labeled trauma-informed practices a “Bill-Wide Directive.” Philadelphia strives to be a trauma-informed city. Last year California’s first surgeon general advocated for screening every child for trauma. A national campaign seeks to create a “resilient, trauma-informed society.” What is the thread that connects these developments? Communities and families have…

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Youth Advocacy Groups Statement on COVID-19 and Paid Sick Leave

As national organizations that advocate for creating more equitable policies for young workers, we call on Congress to enact federal legislation that guarantees employers will provide paid sick leave. The outbreak of Covid-19 heightens the need for immediate action as the United States remains one of the few developed nations without a national guarantee of…

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