The National Youth Employment Coalition and U.S Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, Division of Youth Services (DYS) are collaborating to answer your questions around youth workforce federal policies. Have questions regarding implementation, use of funds, performance metrics, or other topics? Attend our “Ask Away” monthly Q & A session series and get answers in real-time to your questions. Questions can be submitted on the zoom registration form or using the Google form linked above. See you soon!


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March 8 2022 Session

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January 11 2022 Session

December 14 2021 Session

November 11/16 Session

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Stay Involved and FAQs

What is the National Youth Employment Coalition?

The National Youth Employment Coalition improves the lives of the more than four million young people who are out of school and out of work. We do this by improving the effectiveness of the organizations, and the systems, that serve Opportunity Youth. We collect, study, and support the implementation of best practices, all with a strong equity focus. Join our membership today to get discounts to convenings, trainings, a dedicated support team and more!

Who should attend this series?

The “Ask Away” series is open to anyone who has questions about federal youth workforce policies. Most of the questions submitted are technical in nature so a general understanding of federal workforce legislation such as the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) would be beneficial. The series is designed for youth-serving professionals at any stage of their career. Workforce GPS is a great starting point for those wanting to learn more about DOL’s approach and guidance towards our public workforce system.

Will sessions be recorded?

Sessions will be recorded however recordings will not be submitted to participants. The recordings are for internal-use only to improve the quality of future “Ask Away” and collaborative efforts with the U.S DOL. You are welcome to save the Zoom chat in the session by using the directions here.

How can I ensure my question will be answered?

The "Ask Away" series is an hour-long monthly workshop and the DOL staff attempts to answer as many questions as they can within the allotted time. We cannot ensure that every question will be answered. We do ask that you submit questions via the Zoom registration or the "Additional Questions Form" and be as concise and specific as possible while avoiding use of uncommon acronyms. 

I need more space (character size) to submit my question. Where can I submit a longer question?

Please use the "Additional Questions Form" for questions requiring more than 255 characters. We ask you submit questions as concise and specific as possible. 

How can I edit or re-submit a question?

If you need to edit a question please re-submit it via the Zoom registration or the "Additional Questions Form"

What accessibility accommodations are provided for the series?

The "Ask Away" series utilizes Zoom meetings for the workshops. Individuals are welcome to use any of Zoom's accessibility add-on features that best suits them. Individuals can save the chat but please note recordings of the session will not be sent out to participants. If you have questions or requests please contact or submit feedback using our "Feedback Form" above. 

How can I submit feedback for the series?

Feedback can be submitted using our Feedback form button found at the top of this webpage. This helps us improve future sessions and ensure we are providing value to the field. 

Who can I contact for more information/troubleshooting/information regarding this series?

Contact if you are encountering technical difficulties or have additional questions about the series. 

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