Announcement: NYEC Leadership Transition


Glenn Eagleson

Chair, Board of Directors

Thomas Showalter to Step Down as Executive Director in Spring 2021

WASHINGTON—January 28, 2021—The Board of Directors of the National Youth Employment Coalition (NYEC) announced today that after five years of outstanding organizational growth and transformative leadership, Thomas Showalter, will be stepping down as Executive Director. Showalter will step down by March 31, 2021, following the hiring of new leadership.  

In close collaboration with the Board of Directors, Showalter directed the creation, and ongoing implementation, of a ten-year strategic roadmap and a two-year action plan to guide the organization’s growth for the upcoming decade. As a result of Thomas’ leadership, NYEC strengthened its credibility, position, and influence in advancing practice and federal policies that benefit all young people generally and opportunity youth specifically. He expanded the reach and impact of NYEC convenings to record numbers of participants and contributed directly to increasing coherence in the field.

“NYEC members and the Board of Directors want to thank Thomas for his tireless efforts, commitment, and leadership within NYEC and more broadly in the field to ensure that all of our young people have equitable opportunities and can achieve success,” said Glenn Eagleson, Chair of the Board of Directors.  

“There’s a lot of work remaining to create a vision for how young people transition to adulthood,” said Showalter. “NYEC is the right organization to lead that effort, lift up the voices of young people, and strengthen organizations around the country.”

The Board has established a Transition Committee to seek a strong candidate to ensure a smooth leadership transition. The committee will be guided by NYEC’s principles – including centering racial and gender equity, supporting the next generation of leaders, and co-designing solutions with young people – in its work. If you have questions about the work of the committee, please email


About the National Youth Employment Coalition: NYEC is a national alliance of direct service, research, policy, and advocacy organizations committed to improving outcomes for the millions of young people disconnected from school, work, and community.  Since 1979, the National Youth Employment Coalition has been strengthening youth-serving organizations and advancing policy solutions for at-risk young people. We do this by improving the effectiveness of the organizations, and the systems, that serve young people. We collect, study, and support the implementation of best practices, all with a strong equity focus.