Innovative Approaches for Career Training in Alternative Settings

Since 1998 SIATech has been committed to improving outcomes for low-income and out-of-school youth. Our dropout recovery program has aided in helping SIATech graduate more than 15,000 youth since their founding. SIATech’s dropout recovery efforts are led by Laurie Pianka, SIATech’s Executive Director of Community Development and Career Pathways. How has SIATech’s Career Pathways Program…

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NYEC Leading YSP/KSA Update Process

NYEC staff worked closely with staff of the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) in 2003 to develop a series of competencies that any person who works professionally with youth should master. These Youth-Serving Professionals’ Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (YSP/KSA) competencies have been delivered over the years as in-person training modules to thousands of staff through…

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