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What Will Post-Pandemic Jobs Look Like?

The nature of work was rapidly changing before the COVID-19 outbreak: more part-time jobs and gig work, with fewer benefits and lower wages, even in a strong economy. What kind of work do we want when the pandemic passes? Despite calls for “Rooseveltian” responses to this unprecedented pandemic, recently passed relief packages lack the scale and…

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Ensuring the Youth Opportunity Guarantee Works for Undocumented Youth

Undocumented youth are an integral part of the United States. Regardless of documentation status, immigrants contribute to our country—supporting their families, serving their communities, and contributing to local, state and national economies. However, the nearly 2.1 million undocumented youth under the age of 24 are often left out of opportunities and programs, and therefore face…

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Rolling Out New York State’s Green New Deal

On March 14, I attended an event in New York that was a rollout, of sorts, for the workforce side of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed Green New Deal for the state. Hosted by Philanthropy New York (longtime friend of NYEC Bret Halverson got me an invitation), the event was meant to align the efforts of…

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